About Us

Friends of Lake of the Woods was created by a group of civic-minded Lake of the Woods property owners who believe it is absolutely essential to add to and improve association infrastructure and amenities to meet the changing needs of the community. Learn more.


As an independent 501(C)(3) corporation, Friends of Lake of the Woods (FLOW) is dedicated to promoting and supporting the Lake of the Woods community.

FLOW assists in enhancing Lake of the Woods amenities, facilities and beautification projects by raising funds through tax-deductible charitable donations from property owners like you.


FLOW envisions Lake of the Woods to be a quality private, recreation-oriented community of single family homes which provides amenities and facilities supporting the interests of its members.

FLOW envisions Lake of the Woods as offering a secure environment that protects and enhances the natural wooded setting and its lakes.

FLOW envisions Lake of the Woods with a diverse population, one possessing a constructive community spirit that has a positive influence on local government and business activity.