Clubhouse Pool Snack Bar Shade Structure

This project, initiated by the LOWA Pools Committee, provided for the installation of a shade structures at the Clubhouse pool. The snack bar is not air-conditioned and becomes extremely hot during the summer months. The shade structure benefits employees working in this excessive heat, and shades the concrete outside the service window and spare burned bare feet while ordering and waiting for orders.

During the 2021 Pool season, FLOW and the Pools Committee worked together to raise over $3,000 for shade structures for the Clubhouse pool so that those sitting at the pool were no longer baking in the heat and sun and those standing in line for food at the snack bar had burned feet and toes. The structures are now up and the beautiful awnings are a standard for shade projects throughout LOWA.

During the 2019 Pool season, FLOW managed a fundraiser for the Pools committee that raised over $1,400. A portion went to add ADA benches in the restrooms at the Clubhouse pools, and a clock at the Clubhouse pool, with the remainder to go towards the 2020 project for a shade structure over the snack bar.