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Friends of Lake of the Woods (FLOW) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises donations to enhance community projects, existing amenities, or infrastructure, which are not budgeted by the Lake of the Woods Association (LOWA) but have received the board’s approval.

  • FLOW accepts open-ended or project-specific cash and credit card donations to fund projects that have the endorsement of LOWA as well as FLOW.
  • FLOW also accepts non-cash donations (land, stocks, bonds, etc.), which can be readily converted to cash and used for the same purpose.

1. Have a specific idea or a project you would like to see funded? Start here.

2. Want to fund one of our ongoing projects or make an open-ended or non-project-specific donation? FLOW welcomes donations through our secure PayPal account or by check. If funding an ongoing project, please indicate which project you are funding by clicking on “Add special instructions for the seller” when you donate. Checks made payable to FLOW may be mailed to:
PO Box 282
Locust Grove, VA 22508

3. Want to make a non-cash donation? We accept:

If you are considering a non-cash donation to FLOW please email admin at (when emailing, format as per admin@XXX where XXX is

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our EIN is 47-5594067. Your donation will help FLOW fulfill its mission to enhance the Lake of the Woods community for its residents through your ideas and private donations.