Clubhouse Pool Snack Bar Shade Structure

This project, initiated by the LOWA Pools Committee, provides for the installation of a shade structures at the Clubhouse pool. The snack bar is not air-conditioned and becomes extremely hot during the summer months. The shade structure benefits employees working in this excessive heat, and shades the concrete outside the service window and spare burned bare feet while ordering and waiting for orders.

Clubhouse Shade Structure

During the 2021 Pool season, FLOW and the Pools Committee worked together to raise over $3,000 for shade structures for the Clubhouse pool so that those sitting at the pool were no longer baking in the heat and sun and those standing in line for food at the snack bar had burned feet and toes. The structures are now up and the beautiful awnings are a standard for shade projects throughout LOWA.


During the 2019 Pool season, FLOW managed a fundraiser for the Pools committee that raised over $1,400. A portion went to add ADA benches in the restrooms at the Clubhouse pools, and a clock at the Clubhouse pool, with the remainder to go towards the 2020 project for a shade structure over the snack bar.

Lions Pavilion

The pavilion at Hollyfield Park was built by the Lake of the Woods Lions Club. FLOW helped with establishing this pavilion.

Portable Skateboard Park

Thanks to an anonymous $5K donation through FLOW, Lake of the Woods security purchased a Portable Skate Board Park in September 2019, which is available to residents. Please contact LOWA Security for rental instructions.

Dog Park Project

All Fur Grooming Salon donated the beautiful wooden benches to the dog park this past summer. As a 501c3, FLOW helped the Happy Tails Dog Club collect money from All Fur and others for these benches. In addition, FLOW helped the Happy Tails Dog Club with fundraising so they could get a pergola, built by Lake of the Woods Woodworking Club, which protects dog owners from the sun in the small dog area of the dog park.

Fitness Center Equipment

In 2019, FLOW used funds raised for fitness equipment for the new Community and Recreation Center. Two sold-out Rave-Ons Concerts held in December 2018, along with generous donations from supporters, provided over $14,000 for additional equipment for the new Fitness Center. The new equipment included an Integrity Cross Trainer, 2 Spin Bikes, 2 Rogue Rowers, Free Weights, 12 Exercise Mats and more!


FLOW completed the project to keep TV18 “Life Around the Lake” on the air with your donations. Learn more in the video below.

Six Optimist Pram Youth Training Sailboats Donated

Thanks to the Boys and Girls Club of Orange for donating six Optimist Pram sailboats to the Lake of the Woods Sailing Club Junior Sailing Program through FLOW. This was a simple transfer that allowed these youth training boats no longer being used by the Boys and Girls Club of Orange to be used in LOWSC’s summer Sailing Camps, allowing more youthful beginner sailors to be trained in the future.

Sailing Club Commodore Gary Close expressed the club’s gratitude to FLOW for their assistance in obtaining the boats. “This once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said, “would not have been possible without the cooperation and partnership of Friends of Lake of the Woods. Their immediate and gracious response to our request for assistance will be of great benefit to our community, and will allow us to train an even larger number of young sailors next year, and in the future.”

Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine

Thanks to Tom Neubig for donating this Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine to the Lake of the Woods tennis program through FLOW last year. This was a simple transfer that allowed one of our residents to donate an item of value that was no longer being used so that the LOWA tennis program could utilize a tennis ball machine that automatically lobs balls to a single player to practice his or her game.

LOWA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to LOW residents, and others, for their help defraying costs for the celebration. As the primary sponsor for the celebration, LOWA provided funds to the 50th Anniversary Ad Hoc Steering Committee to partially cover expenses.

Many of the special activities (concerts and dinner dances, for example) were self-supporting through ticket sales. Others, like 5K Run T-Shirts and enhanced Independence Day activities and fireworks on July 1, were supported by donations. The same is true of the museum exhibit and permanent display cabinets. This is where contributions helped. Every dollar returned to LOWA by the steering committee held down the cost to members for the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Thank you to our volunteers for the 50th Rave On. Proceeds from these two concerts funded much of the 50th year celebrations.

Our First Project!

Hanging pendant lights illuminate the renovated Woods Center Fareways eating space and bar area thanks to the donation of five generous Lake of the Woods individuals. These individuals first secured LOWA’s approval, and then forwarded this endorsement, with the necessary donated funds, to FLOW for project approval and processing. This is exactly how FLOW is supposed to work!